Discover the future
of real estate and
invest smartly!

We combine real estate, technology and Costa Rica’s
biodiversity to create world-class developments.



Innovative And Luxury
Real Estate Projects

We develop properties, optimize investments and tokenize
assets through NFT and Blockchain technology.

Portfolio Token’s mission is to democratize real estate hospitality investments. Our token’s buyers will see a significant increase on their ROI once our projects start construction and operation phases.

All of this taking care of the marvelous Costa Rica’s landscape!

Tokenization Of Assets

We use an innovative and risk-free financial model based on the Blockchain technology
to tokenize projects and provide attractive dividends and capital gain.

Luxury Real Estate

Our Portfolio also includes traditional investment but world-class developments in
Costa Rica’s Central Pacific area.

Expert Team

Our team of professionals with more than 15 years of experience guarantees
the sucess of our projects.

Current Developments


Carara One

The first tokenized real estate resort in Central America: 5 stars, 40 luxury villas, clubhouse, spa, swimming pools, fishing tours, waterfall hikes, all next to Carara National Park and some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches.

Carara Estates

Your new ecofriendly and luxury home in a tropical paradise only 90 minutes from SJO Airport. All houses include amazing private pool, parking, wide kitchen, perfect living room, spacious laundry room and an incredible dining room.

Check our paradise!

This is the Central Pacific Coast land we chose
for our innovative developments!